ensuring dividend security and safety for private individual shareholders 

and institutional investors, in the face of dividend cuts.

Personal Dividend Guarantee

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed an epic, unprecedented "Dividend Massacre", that ravaged investors. The Personal Dividend Guarantee ensures dividend safety for unsophisticated, smart private investors. 

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Corporate Dividend Guarantee

The Corporate Dividend Guarantee provides dividend security for shareholders whenever companies declare a dividend cut or cancellation. 

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Build Investor Confidence

The Dividend Guarantee program is designed to build shareholder confidence by providing dividend security.

Protect your Reputation

Trust is built on integrity and commitment. We are committed to help protect your reputation..

A completely new alternative to investing.

Experts in alternative asset investment in fintech, real estate, minerals, development and management. 

Dividend Lockdown is a new book about alternative investment and safeguarding sustainable dividend income. This modern guide covers practical steps take now to protect your earnings. 

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Not just changing HOW you invest, but WHAT you invest.

Are you tired of losing out on dividends? It's time to start investing in the future, not in the past. Invest in yourself. You cannot afford to leave your dividend up to fate. Invest in the Dividend Guarantee program where dividend income is secure and guaranteed.

Choose a Dividend Guarantee Portfolio Strategy

  • buys 1,000 XCOINS @ $0.10 per coin.
  • Earn 10% Dividend monthly for 90 days
  • buys 5,000 XCOINS @ $0.10 per coin.
  • Earn 13% Dividend monthly for 90 days
  • 10% Dividend Bonus
  • buys 10,000 XCOINS @ $0.10 per coin.
  • Earn 16% Dividend monthly for 90 days
  • 20% Dividend Bonus