About Us


StratOne is a technology firm based in Cape Town, South Africa.  Since 2013, StratOne has been active in the  fintech and digital technology fields. 

Our fintech solutions include: 

  • The Dividend Guarantee program, which was launched recently. 
  • Development and provisioning of DEFI digital cryptocurrency projects

Our timeline record  amongst others:  

  • October2012: completed the acquisition of IpsumConsult, a web services company. 
  • April 2013: Signing a distributor partnership with Zoho.com, leading global solutions brand, and thus we impemented complete end-to-end business application solutions, using ZOHO business suite. 

Our company has been delivering service excellence to clients. We partner with and invest in our clients' success. We have a dynamic team with over 30 years of industry experience.


Our team has over 30 years of experience combined accross several key industries including fintech, cellular networks, retail and wholesale, education and health. The business expertise is drawn from 

  • cellphone network operators
  • digital agency 
  • College teaching
  • Operations management
  • Marketing
  • Strategy Management


The Dividend Guarantee is a unique program unlike any other available. In the current uncertai market conditions investors need security for dividend earnings. This is exactly what Dividend Guarantee provides and their service is excellent. Well done. 

John Grechen, New York, USA.