Ripple Equity

Are you looking for a safe, reliable investment amid this current pandemic crisis?

The stock markets worldwide are crashing, investors are taking huge losses. Yet, there are safe investment options available.

We have received an allocation of Ripple Equity in Ripple Labs, Inc. offered to us, thus as this is equity not the token, it’s a very rare opportunity.

This is an opportunity to own the equity shares in the world’s 3rd largest traded and used blockchain. Ripple Labs, Inc is planning to do an IPO before end of this year, to become the first blockchain company to do an IPO.

The Opportunity

Ripple Labs, Inc. is an American technology company which develops the Ripple payment protocol and exchange network. Ripple Labs was founded in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California. The company operates from 9 global offices, with 340+ employees and over 300 corporate customers.

Ripple has an appraisal value of $ 9.9 billion. The market capitalization of its crypto token XRP as of July 16, was $ 13.4 billion, and the market capitalization of XRP, when included in Ripple’s appraisal, it exceeds $ 11.4 billion. In addition, out of XRP market capitalization, if you include all XRPs owned by Ripple into the evaluation, the company valuation will be more than $ 27 billion. A major US news channel, CNBC, published the report that Ripple’s valuation should be at least $ 20 billion as of January 2019.

Ripple IPO

In January 2020 the CEO of Ripple addressed the WEF in Davos and gave the clearest indication that Ripple would be doing a IPO this year. This would be a major event as it would be the first Blockchain and major crypto company to do this, and experts believe it will start a new wave of blockchain-linked IPOs.

20,000,000 USD
09 MAY 2020

The Equity Offer

The current price is $60 each per equity. However, we have negotiated a special deal.

Early bird offer! You don’t need to pay $60 per equity share.

You can get a 10% DISCOUNT when you purchase Ripple equity. You can get a 15% DISCOUNT when you purchase Ripple equity.
Buy 50 equity shares @ $54 per equity, and pay only $2,700. Buy 1000 equity shares @ $51 per equity.
Buy 100 equity shares @ $54 per equity, and pay only $5,400.

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