XCOIN Dividend Guarantee

What is the XCOIN Dividend Guarantee?

The XCOIN Dividend Guarantee is for unsophisticated, smart individual investors.  Individual, private persons over 18 years old can subscribe to the XCOIN Dividend Guarantee.

Why subscribe to XCOIN Dividend Guarantee?

The Dividend Guarantee is about investing in the future, not in the past. Here are some great reasons why you should subscribe. 

Dividend Safety

The main aim of the XCOIN Dividend Guarantee - the personal dividend guarantee - is to provide robust dividend safety that can trusted by individual investors.

Hedge against loss

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed an epic, unprecedented "Dividend Massacre", that ravaged investors.  Dividend cuts and cancellations were widespread.  XCOIN Dividend Guarantee provides a hedge against financial loss. 

Blockchain friendly

  • The Dividend Guarantee is blockchain friendly, using a digital cryptocurrency for dividend payment transactions. The Blockchain is a secure, safe and cost-effective environment for online payments. 
  • Dividend payments are conducted mainly through digital cryptocurrency payment channels.

What is XCOIN?

XCOIN (XCN) is the digital cryptocurrency designed for the Dividend Guarantee. 

XCOIN (XCN) is an ERC-20 smart contract verified coin on the Ethereum blockchain network.    

  • The XCOIN (XCN) starts listing with an initial coin market value of $0.05 per coin.

How it works?

Follow these 3 simple steps

  1. Subscribe to XCOIN: Subscribe to XCOIN Dividend Guarantee by purchasing some XCOIN (XCN) coins and it transfer to a secure crypto wallet. See the XCOIN Pricing here.  
  2. HODL: HODL your XCOIN (XCN) coins purchases in a secure crypto wallet for a minimum transfer period of 30 days before any sale or exchange is allowed. HODL means "holding on for dear life".
  3. Earn Dividends: After HODLing the XCOIN for the 30 day period, you will earn and receive dividends on your XCOIN (XCN) wallet balance.   

Choose a XCOIN Dividend Guarantee Portfolio

  • buys 1,000 XCOINS @ $0.10 per coin.
  • Earn 10% Dividend monthly for 90 days
  • buys 5,000 XCOINS @ $0.10 per coin.
  • Earn 13% Dividend monthly for 90 days
  • 10% Dividend Bonus
  • buys 10,000 XCOINS @ $0.10 per coin.
  • Earn 16% Dividend monthly for 90 days
  • 20% Dividend Bonus