Dividend Lockdown

Dividend Lockdown describes the state of turmoil in the investor world, where dividends are disappearing fast - slashed and cancelled forever. Barron's calls it a "DIVIDEND MASSACRE". 

DIVIDEND LOCKDOWN is a new book about how to safeguard your dividend income. This practical guide tells you what steps to take now to protect your dividend earnings.

For many investors dividends are not merely an investment strategy; they are relying on dividends to make ends meet. This begs the question, when companies cut dividends, what happens when this vital income source stops to flow?

In 2020, we witnessed an epic, unprecedented dividend crisis on a global scale due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors were ravaged by what Barron's calls a "Dividend Massacre", Dividend cuts, cancellations and suspended had become a ubiquitous norm. This affected most investors worldwide who suffered extreme loss.  

Much anticipated investment income was brutally obliterated, and related earnings yields wiped out. While many investors are hoping against hope for some relief, the prospects of declared dividends is a bridge too far and an impossible dream. 

Dividend Lockdown describes the state of turmoil in the investment world, where dividend earnings are disappearing faster than mist before the sun - slashed and cancelled forever. The entire legacy of shareholder value and generational wealth destroyed in one click without a blink. No, this is not due to a glitch in the matrix. Dividends are in lockdown by executive decree.  

DIVIDEND LOCKDOWN sets out solutions that will enable you to earn stable dividends every quarter at least, indeed four times a year. We’ll show you how you can collect a regular, decent income.

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Book Chapters

Here is a summary of some of the book chapters. 

  • Dividend Lockdown:  Barron’s have called it a “Dividend Massacre.” But for the most part, it’s been a tragic investment bloodbath. As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, the crisis has morphed into a colossal income disaster. 

  • The Dividend Massacre: S&P 500 dividend cuts and suspensions continued to escalate from May through August as a direct fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

  • What are Dividend Cuts? A dividend cut is an event that a company takes when, for a variety of reasons, it decides to reduce the amount of money it pays out to shareholders as a dividend. In a worst-case scenario, a company may decide to stop paying out dividends entirely (i.e. suspends its dividend). Either of these scenarios will have a negative effect on the company’s stock. 

  • Dividend Lockdown Keys. Given the uncertainties in financial markets, the main purpose of the Dividend Lockdown is to provide investors with secret keys to unlock and access locked-down dividends sooner and without delay.  The book covers 6 Secret Keys to Dividend Income that investors will hardly hear about from brokers and financial advisers.

  • What Can You Do? This section explores alternative strategies for managing and safeguarding your portfolio efficiently for higher returns. This is also known in some circles as smart portfolio management.