GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee

What is GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee?

  • The GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee is a corporate dividend guarantee for  institutional investors, i.e. registered companies and businesses. 
  • The GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee ensures that company shareholders are paid guaranteed dividends in the event of a dividend cut.
  • GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee is open to legally registered, active private and public companies to register a subscription. For more information, read the Whitepaper 

Key features

  • The GAMMAX is the corporate dividend guarantee program for registered companies and businesses.
  • The AIM of GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee is:       To build the capacity of a company to support sustainable, guaranteed dividends, thereby mitigating the impact of dividend cuts or cancellations for the current financial period.
  • The GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee welcomes legally registered, active private and publicly listed companies to register a subscription.
  • All dividend suspensions are excluded.
  • The GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee subscription comprises the following:
    1. The subscriber procures a fixed number of XCOIN (XCN) coins allocated to the subscription plan,
    2. The subscriber receives a warrant of guaranteed dividends of $0.05 cents per share by the Dividend Guarantee for the number of shares or calculated as a percentage (%) as stipulated in the subscription, whichever is the greatest.  
    3.  The GAMMAX subscription period is 3 years, renewable annually.
    4. A dividend guarantee is valid for 12 months; a new dividend guarantee is issued when the GAMMAX subscription is renewed. 

Why Subscribe to GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee?

There are several great reasons for subscribing to GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee.

  • Investors and shareholders receive guaranteed dividends annually.
  • Through GAMMAX companies can offer investors sustainable dividends.
  • Dividends paid directly through the GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee program do not affect business capital. Therefore the company’s liquidity or capital resources are not burdened by dividend requirements.
  • In addition to the regular declared dividend, shareholders also earn an annual dividend bonus.
  • GAMMAX program enables companies to build investor confidence.
  • The GAMMAX model is the only program that can guarantee dividends.
  • No cash upfront. Payment for subscription to a new GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee does not require advance cash payment.

Who can subscribe?

  • The GAMMAX Dividend Guarantee is geared towards the needs of established medium to large companies.
  • Legally registered, active private companies and public firms listed on the mainboard of major stock exchanges, established and trading for a minimum period of 60 months at the time of application.
  • Firms should have no record of bankruptcy or liquidation filings against the company.
  • Firms should have had three (3) dividends cuts or cancellations in the last five years.

Next Step

Each subscription application follow these steps.

1. Subscription ApplicationComplete the Subscription Application Form. You will receive a prompt response from 
our team. You should also submit all the supporting document with the application. 
2. ReviewOur team will review all the information submitted. And you will response shortly after.
3. ApprovalAfter a successful review, the application is approved.
4. LegalsYes, there are some legal documents and stuff to finalise and sign off.
5. Account Activation Finally, once the legal docs are done & dusted, the client GAMMAX account can be activated.